Special Olympics Athletics

Training time:  Mondays 5.15 – 6.30 pm

Venue: Massey Community Track, Massey University

Contact: Helen 
Email: Click Here
Text: 027 258 8558

Events offered: 50 metre, 100 metre, 200 metre, 400 metre, 800 metre and 1500 metre walk, run events, standing and running long jump, mini Javelin, shotput relays, 4×100 metre  run.

Manawatu Events:

February 23th 2020: Special Olympics Manawatu will host a Tier 1 event.

March 12th 2020: AWD Schools event run by Special Olympics NZ at the Massey Community Track

Volunteers are needed to help with time keeping, marshaling, data recording. If you would like to register as an event volunteer please Click Here.

Events Manawatu athletes will attend: 

Manawatu: February 23rd 2020: Tier 1 event

Wairarapa: March 22nd 2020: Tier 1 event

Wellington/Hutt Valley: October 11th 2020: Tier 1 event

North Taranaki: November 14-15th 2020: Tier 2 event

Rules for Athletics: Special Olympics New Zealand has a comprehensive data base of all the rules needed and tips for coaching athletics.

Click Here for More Information on Athletics, Rules & Events

Rules for Athletics:
Special Olympics New Zealand has a comprehensive data base of all the rules needed and tips for coaching athletics
Event and athletics rules for coaches and officials. You will find all the rules you need on the Special Olympics New Zealand website.

New Zealand Secondary School Athletics offer AWD (Athletes with Disabilities) events.

Manawatu secondary schools athletics champs offer include AWD events in their program. These events attract up to 25 Special Olympics Manawatu athletes or AWD students. Students who  successfully complete the qualifying times and distances are then invited to attend the North Island and the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Champs.

Special Olympics New Zealand host four AWD (Athletes with Disability) Secondary School events each year:

Athletics is one of the most popular AWD events.

March 12th, 2020, the AWD athletics event at the Massey Community Track attracted over 100 secondary school AWD students from 8 schools along with 20 volunteer students from Freyberg High School and Awatapu College.

Students participated in walking and running events along with the shotput and long jump.

Some students have now been invited to compete at the Manawatu Secondary School Inter School athletics day in March.