Volunteers are the backbone to Special Olympics.

There are only 15 paid staff in Special Olympics to manage a program for 6000 athletes, 2000 volunteers, running weekly training sessions, a large number of events in every sport from Certificate/Ribbon, Regional, National and International competitions.

Volunteers are needed for coaching, managing teams, officials at events, marshalling, timekeeping, fundraising, making lunches, writing newsletters, taking photos, upgrading systems, the list is endless.

If you can help with any of the above volunteer positions please Click Here.

Coaches and Team Managers need to be fully registered volunteers who have had a police check.  Volunteers who are officials at events have their names recorded so we can let you know when we need you at future events.

Volunteer Online Training  is one way volunteers and coaches can upskill their knowledge of Special Olympics. All Coaches and Team Managers are encouraged to do this training. Other volunteers will find some of the modules useful in understanding how Special Olympics works.

Click this Link for all your Coach and Volunteer Information

There are 2 modules on offer:

Foundation Coaching Course

Development Coaching course


We are looking for volunteers to help in the following ways:

Coach and Team Managers for the following sports:

Athletics, Aquatics/Swimming, Basketball, Bocce, Bowling/Ten Pin Equestrian, Football, Golf,  Power Lifting, Table Tennis, Snow Sports, Skiing and Boarding.

Help with Events:

Marshalling, timekeeping, recording, making lunch, data entry, certificate writing, fundraising. See events for lower North Island for dates

Volunteer Resources

Whether you are already a volunteer or considering becoming one, below you will find some information that may be of assistance.

Volunteer Registration Forms

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

Rules of Special Olympics for Clubs as at April 2012

Rules of Special Olympics for Regional Councils as at March 2011